Minimum $10,000. For loans over $250,000, get in touch.
Term: The number of 30-day interest payments within your loan term. For example, a 12-payment term would be 360 days (not 365). The principal is due with the final interest payment.
Annual percentage rate (APR): A measure of the cost of credit, which includes interest charged and other costs such as origination fees, expressed as a yearly rate.
30-day payments (interest only):
30-day payment: This is what you’ll pay every 30 days in interest for your loan. The principal (the initial size of a loan) is due with the final interest payment.
Final payment:
Final payment: This is the total you will need to pay for the last scheduled payment of your loan term. It comprises the final interest payment and total outstanding principal.
Origination fee:
Finance charge:
Estimated loan-to-value (LTV):
LTV: The ratio of the size of your loan to the value of your bitcoin collateral. E.g., a 40% loan-to-value (LTV) would require you to deposit a min. of $25,000 worth of bitcoin to open a $10,000 loan. 40% LTV is the max. available for loans under $1,000,000.
Estimated first margin call price:
Margin call price: The bitcoin price at which the value of your collateral would fall below the required level and you will be required to lower the LTV by making a deposit of additional collateral or principal payment to your loan.
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Tools and calculators are provided as a courtesy to help you estimate your lending needs. Unchained’s bitcoin loans require interest only payments every 30 days. Interest-only payments are calculated by multiplying the outstanding principal balance by the simple annual interest rate converted to a daily rate using a 365 day year. The final payment includes the last interest-only payment and the full balance of the loan principal. Terms, interest, and APR shown are estimates as of 6/7/2023 and may vary. Interest rates and APR can change, please see our pricing page for current pricing. Your actual rate, payment and costs could be higher. Review your loan agreement for actual terms and conditions prior to entering into any transaction. Results shown are estimates only and do not represent a quote, preapproval, or approval for credit. All lending products are subject to approval. Rates, program terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all amounts. Other restrictions and limitations apply.