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10 years later, still no bitcoin ETF — but who cares?

"Though the contagion appears to have dwindled, the major takeaway remains: If you don’t have the private keys to your Bitcoin, your assets aren’t in your control, and they may not even exist."
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Joe Kelly comments on the bitcoin price and the 2024 halving

"Taking a conservative view," Kelly wrote, "if bitcoin stays around $30K until the halving, even a 12-month post-halving increase of 250% — which, again, is conservative relative to previous halvings — would price bitcoin at $105K."
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Unchained Surges With 170% Growth in Bitcoin Loan Activity During The First Half of 2023

“Our clients choose Unchained because our collaborative custody technology gives them the greatest possible control and transparency over their funds. The collapse of our former competitors that operated as third-party custodians, albeit unfortunate, proved to be effectual marketing for Unchained.”
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Unchained on the air

Dhruv joins AI Unchained

Dhruv Bansal brings insights to a discussion on the relationship between AI and evil.
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What are UTXOs?

Unchained's Tom Honzik explores what UTXOs are in the latest TIL:BTC podcast.
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Bitcoin and traditional finance

Shimon Lazarov discusses his career growing bitcoin companies and why traditional investors are abrasive towards bitcoin.
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Self-custody and multisig

Tom Honzik discusses how Unchained guides clients through the uncertainty of our current financial system.
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SEC and why bitcoin-only

Tyler Campbell talks about recent enforcement actions against Binance & Coinbase and what it means for bitcoin owners.
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Can bitcoin end cyber attacks?

Dhruv Bansal explains how bitcoin can change the game in network and computer security.
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Established at block height 433179, Unchained is the world’s premier bitcoin financial services company. It’s our mission to deliver the premier suite of financial services for individuals and businesses that value collaborative custody.

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