Trading Desk

Buy bitcoin directly to your cold storage

Skip custodial exchanges with our trading desk—the simpler and more secure way to buy and sell bitcoin

Simplify your bitcoin purchases

Say goodbye to settling bitcoin purchases to an exchange account then jumping through hoops to make a withdrawal. Bitcoin purchased through the trading desk land directly into your cold storage.
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Eliminate the risks of transferring bitcoin

When making a withdrawal from an exchange, one wrong address entry can lead to an expensive mistake. Buying directly to your cold storage ensures your bitcoin always arrive in the right place.

One provider for all your bitcoin needs

When you buy or sell bitcoin with us, you deal directly with our team—no middlemen. Unlike many other trading venues, we don’t share your personal or financial data with other liquidity providers.
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Trade with the best team in bitcoin

Throughout the purchase process our team is on hand to help you take ownership of your bitcoin with confidence.

Your keys, your coins, the way trading should be.

Sell bitcoin directly from your vault

When you need dollars, you can also sell bitcoin directly from cold storage. You retain control of your bitcoin until the moment you’re executing your trade, and you lock in your sell price in real time.
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Frequently-asked questions

What are the rates?
Trading rates are simple and competitive based on the size of your individual purchase.
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Where is the trading desk available?
We're currently available in most US States and are working to expand our availability.
Where is trading available?
What are the minimum and maximum transaction sizes?
Currently, the minimum trade is $2,000. There is no maximum, but trades larger than $100,000 require pre-funding. We're working hard to expand these limits in the future.
How quickly can I start buying bitcoin?
In most cases you can get trading within a day. You’ll first need to create a vault. You can create a vault yourself but we recommend Concierge Onboarding. After creating your vault you need to complete your profile verification and sign legal documents. If you’re an existing vault client and have already completed your profile verification, you'll only need to sign the trade agreements. Once these steps have been completed you can start trading right away!