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Unchained is helping users secure 90,000 BTC

Joe Kelly is determined to give users a true Bitcoin experience while still meeting them where they’re at.
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Bakkt Now Available Through Unchained’s Collaborative Custody Network

“Our mission is to ensure that our clients' assets are safe, in a way that’s more secure than any other single solution."
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10 years later, still no bitcoin ETF — but who cares?

"Though the contagion appears to have dwindled, the major takeaway remains: If you don’t have the private keys to your Bitcoin, your assets aren’t in your control, and they may not even exist."
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Bitcoin is the best currency we ever had

Self-custody is important for securing bitcoin, and multi-signature wallets provide redundancy and protection against single points of failure.
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The Bitcoin Stack

Marty sits down with Dhruv, Ryan and Allen to discuss their new article on decentralizing the internet with Bitcoin.
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The future of bitcoin management is here

Gary Cardone as he sits down with Trey Sellers of Unchained and discuss the future of wealth management.
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Bitcoin is the Signal

“The biggest mistake you can possibly make today is not changing your denominator to Bitcoin.”
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Quantum Computing and Interplanetary Horizons

Exploring the relationship between physics and economics, we discover all about Unchained Capital and the relevance of collaborative custody for long-term holders.
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Dhruv joins AI Unchained

Dhruv Bansal brings insights to a discussion on the relationship between AI and evil.
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About Unchained

Established at block height 433179, Unchained is the world’s premier bitcoin financial services company. It’s our mission to deliver the premier suite of financial services for individuals and businesses that value collaborative custody.